Adult Education, Faculty of Education

T.V. Bakare is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria.  She is a teacher with over 40 years’ experience, and has supervised projects at the undergraduate and post graduate levels.  She is a researcher with interest in Teaching Methods in Adult Education Literacy and e-Communication.  She was the Examinations Officer for the Faculty and an elected member of the University Senate.   She was also the Deputy Director of the Institute of Continuing Education in the University. She is the current acting Head, Department of Adult Education and the Hall Warden for the Erastus Akingbola Post Graduate Halls of Residence.  She has attended several Conferences and presented papers that were published both nationally and internationally and has in excess of 60 publications.   She is an energetic and enthusiastic researcher who appreciates collaborative efforts - a quick learner and very adaptable.  She has a passion for working with adults in any capacity that enriches their lives and empowers them.  She has collaborated with her local NGO to spread literacy and also with UNICEF and UNESCO on projects. She is an active participant in the Literacy Program in the University since 2010 - a program that is the brain child of the Department of Adult Education and is managed by the Department as a give-back to the community.  The program is supported by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mass Literacy Department as well as UNICEF.  She enjoys Sudoku and travelling and volunteers in local charities.

  1. Ph.D Adult Education, University of Lagos, 1999;
  2. M.Ed Adult Education, University of Lagos, 1989;
  3. B.Ed. (English), University of Ife, 1978