Adult Education, Faculty of Education

Dr Okebiorun is a lecturer 1 with focus on Manpower Training and Development. She has her undergraduate degree in Economics Education from Lagos State University in 1998; Masters in Educational Psychology in 2001 and Ph.D. in Adult Education specializing in Manpower Training and Development from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2014. She has 11 years teaching experience from Yaba College of Technology and University of Lagos respectively. Dr Okebiorun has conducted research in manpower training and development, Adult education management and Economics of Adult education. She has facilitated many programmes and has been an examiner to Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) from 2008 till date, a consultant for Integrated Total Control System (ITCS) on appointment, training and promotion. She achieved three (3) membership of professional and academic groups, and thirteen (13) publications.

  1. NCE, BSc. Ed (Economics)
  2. M.Ed. (Educational Psychology)
  3. Ph.D (Adult Education)