Dr. Soladoye B. IWAJOMO
Zoology Department, Faculty of Science

Dr. Soladoye is an Ornithologist and Wildlife Ecology specialist with research focus on the intra-African migration of birds in response to changing environmental and climatic conditions as well as how urbanization influences the behaviour, ecology and composition of bird species. He obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree in Zoology (2001) and Masters Degree in Conservation Biology (2007) both from the University of Jos, Nigeria as well as a Phd in Zoology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2013).

His research work has given rise to several publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presentations at local and international conferences. Over the years he has successfully supervised and mentored 17 undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. He is a member of several professional associations notably the Society for Conservation Biology, West African Ornithological Society, Nigerian Conservation Foundation and many more.

Dr Soladoye is a member of the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management (CEBCEM) in the University of Lagos and Scientific Member of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. He also serves as Associate Editor for Ostrich – Journal of African Ornithology. Dr Soladoye has collaborated with researchers locally and internationally. He has ongoing collaborations with the A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute (APLORI) in Jos, Nigeria on the Intra-African Bird Migration Project as well as with the Forest Unit of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) on Important Bird Area (IBA) monitoring.

Research Area

B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology

M.Sc. Conservation Biology

Ph.D. Zoology


Research Interests:

  1. Utillizing technological innovations such as satellite telemetry to track the spatio-temporal movements of intra-African migratory bird species in relation to changes in environmental and climatic conditions
  2. Modelling the influence of urban landscapes characteristic on the ecology, diversity, density and abundance of urban biodiversity.
  3. Modelling the changes in phenological events of biodiversity in relation to climatic variables

Professional Associations:

  1. Member Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
  2. Member, Nigerian Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (NSCB)
  3. Member, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)
  4. Associate Scientific Member, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)
  5. Member, Ecological Society of Nigeria (EcSN)
  6. Member, African Bird Club (ABC)
  7. Member, West African Ornithological Society (WAOS)