Dr. Michael O. N. KUNNUJI
Sociology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences

Michael O. N. Kunnuji is an expert in research methodology withgeneral interest in population issues. His specific research interests cut across human sexuality, adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health, intimate partner violence, social exclusion and gender studies. Over the years, Michael Kunnuji’s research has focused specifically on sources of sexuality related information among young people, including parent-child communication (PCC), the internet and curriculum based sexuality education. His most recent project in collaboration with other researchers from the American University, Washington DC, examined the dynamics of adopting and implementing Nigeria's sexuality education curriculum, with emphasis on sub-national variation. In exploring the socio-economic context of youth and adolescent sexuality, his research has documented the influence of adequacy of parental provisions and basic deprivation on young people's sexual and reproductive health outcomes. He has also explored the association between migration status and access to sexual and reproductive health information and practices. In studying the socio-cultural context of youth and adolescent sexuality, Michael Kunnuji has been involved in a project that documented young people's experience of sexual abuse (rape and statutory rape) and its context (social and legal). He has benefited from international trainings on research methodology, and innovations on how to change negative social norms around domestic violence. He is currently developing an intervention aimed at improving young people’s attitudes towards intimate partner violence in Nigeria.


BSc (Hons.) Sociology (Ilorin), MSc., Ph.D. Sociology (Lagos)


Research interests:

Population studies, human sexuality, adolescent and youth reproductive health, intimate partner violence


Professional Associations:  

  • Nigerian Anthropological and Sociological Practitioners’ Association (NASA)
  •  Int. Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)
Faculty of Social Sciences