Dr. Adeola BALOGUN
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Adeola O. Balogun holds a Ph.D, degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and he is a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). His research interests focus on the design and control of power electronics converters and electric machines for efficient energy conversion applications. His specific research activities are in: Renewable energy (wind, solar, micro/mini-hydro) conversion systems; power electronics converters (including multilevel and multistring inverters); electric machines design, applications and control; control of electric drives for industry and household applications; design and control of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices such as static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), and unified power flow controllers (UPFC); development of observers and sensorless control schemes for electric drives and energy conversion systems; and propulsion drives for electric vehicles. He was a research scholar for two years at the Centre for Energy System Research, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville TN, USA. In the research scholar position he was involved with the dynamic modelling, simulation, steady state analysis and development of control structures for doubly–fed induction generator (DFIG) applied in wind energy conversion. In 2010 he won a $10,000 World Bank assisted Science & Technical Education at Post-Basic Levels (STEP-B) Innovators of Tomorrow (IOT) Grant for the Modelling, Analysis, and Control of Induction Generators for Wind Energy Conversion. He is the Principal Investigator for a N3 Million Research project titled “Development of Efficiency Optimized Drives for Energy Conversion in Industry Applications” sponsored by the Central Research Committee of University of Lagos. Presently, he leads a Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Group in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos, Nigeria. On-going research activities in the group are:  Development of Multiphase Multistring Multilevel Inverters for multi-source renewable energy grid integration techniques and stand-alone applications; Development of Linear, Non-Linear, and Model Predictive Control Schemes Applicable in Efficiency Optimized Drives for Energy Conversion in Industry and Household Applications; Efficiency Optimization Control in Drives for Wind and Micro-hydro Energy Conversion Schemes; Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)Schemes in Solar Power Plants; Inverter-Fed Compressors for Industry and Household Applications. On many occasions, Dr Adeola Balogun has served as an Electrical Engineering Expert in Technical Committees by the Federal Ministry of Environment for Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment of New Electric Power Plants and Transmission Lines in Nigeria. He also serves as reviewer to several technical journal publications in electrical and electronics engineering, namely: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, IET Electric Power Applications, IET Power Electronics, IET Generation Transmission and Distribution, Electric Power Components and Systems, Asian Journal of Control.


  • - October 2011: Ph.D., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos
  • Jan 2008- Dec 2009: Research Scholar, Centre for Energy System Research, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN, USA
  • May 2002: M.Sc., Electrical & Electronics Engineering, University of Lagos,
  • November 1998: B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos.

Professional Memberships:

  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (MIEEE)
  • Member, IEEE Industry Application Society (IAS)
  • Member, IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
  • Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE)
  • Registered Engineer, COREN.