Dr, Maryam Omolara Quadri

Dr. Quadri is a political scientist with a focus on health policy and politics, gender and poverty studies.  She graduated from University of Lagos in 1989; had her Masters in Public Administration from University of Lagos in 1998 and a Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Lagos in 2012. Over the years she has worked and has experience in her areas of research, conducted research in community participation and health care delivery, gender and poverty studies. As a visiting scholar, she taught in Kennesaw State University, United States in 2011, worked in Roehampton University United Kingdom as a Commonwealth Professional Fellow in 2012. She is a member of Nigerian Political Science Association, a member of American Political Science Association. She won an award of a fellow of American Political Science Africa Workshop in 2014 Maputo, Mozambique and in 2015 won the American Development grant. She has about 28 academic publications both in international and local journal.