Professor Muminu ADAMU
Associate Professor

Adamu is an Associate Professor and the current Ag. Head of Department in the Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos, where he has worked since completing his PhD 2005. He is currently engaged intensively in research at developing new univariate continuous probability distributions from generalized distributions using the T-R{Y} framework, a new method for generating families of probability distributions. Several properties of the distributions formed are to explored. He is also considering the used of the Differential Evolution (DE) method which is a nature inspired population-based optimization strategy for the quantile approximates for some distributions due to the intractable nature of their Cumulative Density Functions. And with regards to Scheduling. He is working on solving Parallel and Flow Shop Machine Scheduling Problems to Optimize some objectives with or without Machine Learning effects.

Adamu is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS). He is member to several academic organizations like Science Association of Nigeria (SAN), Nigeria Mathematical Society (NMS), INFORMS society on Applied Probability, INFORMS society on Optimization, Forum on Education (INFORM-ED), Nigeria Statistical Association (NSA), and Institute of Operational Research and Management Science of Nigeria (IORMS). He has served as editors to some Journals. He has also served as member, University of Lagos Senate, The Sub Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos and several others opportunities. He is presently the coordinator of the Optimization Group in the Department.

AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Mathematical Statistics & Probability, Combinatorial Optimization, Data Science and Operations Research

Research Area
  • B.Sc(Hons) Mathematics/Statistics
  • M.Sc. Statistics
  • PhD Statistics
Department of Mathematics