Dr. Khalid Olajide ADEKOYA
Cell Biology and Genetics Dept, Sciences

Dr. Khalid Olajide Adekoya is an Associate Professor of Genetics in the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. He has his undergraduate degree  in Biology and graduated from University of Lagos in 1987; Master of Philosophy in Biological Sciences with specialization in Genetics in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos in 2009.  He is a resourceful, hard-working and dedicated Biologist with an outstanding academic background, a good publication record and significant experience in teaching, research and administration at all levels of Education. Possesses excellent presentation skills and can prepare comprehensive documentation and reports as required. Skilled in data processing and in a range of scientifically relevant software packages. Works well both independently and as part of a team, demonstrating the motivation and organisation required to meet demanding targets. Combines an analytical and professional approach with excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate concisely at all levels. He has over twenty years of experience in teaching, research  and administration at the tertiary level of education. He is experienced in designing and formulating research in diverse areas of Biological Sciences such as Genetics, Toxicology, Environmental, Forensics and Molecular Biology, supervised over 150 undergraduate projects, more than 60 Masters and Postgraduate diploma research projects and co-supervised 10 Ph.D. Thesis in Genetics, Genetic Toxicology and Molecular Genetics in which 4  have successfully completed their Doctoral Thesis. He serves on editorial boards as reviewer/Sub-Editor in over 10 scientific journals. He has also served as expert/examiner or PG representative to over 15 Ph.D. oral examinations. He has worked as Sub-Dean School of Postgraduate Studies and served on several committees in the Department Faculty and the University. He is an elected member of Senate of University of Lagos. He has contributed nationally as resource person and National Biology expert for Ministry of Education, West African Examinations Council and National Examination Council at various times. He has also been a resource person to 2nd World Bank/UNILAG STEP B project training on ICT tools for teaching of the Post Basic level. He has been an assessor at the Competitive Agricultural Research Grant Scheme proposals in West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) in 2014 and 2015 and achieved membership of eight professional and academic groups has 40 publications in local and international journals , won and managed six grants and have attended over 50 conferences locally and internationally.

  1. B.Sc. (Hons.) Biology
  2. M.Phil. Biol. Sc.
  3. Ph.D. Cell Biology and                                                         Genetics (UNILAG)