Dr Friday Ogboi
Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering

Dr. Ogboi F.L is a Communications engineering expert.
Carried out research in Baseband signal waveform engineering. He won best
project in MSc 2009/2010 session at the Cardiff University in the United
With over 25 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry his work
includes design, installation, configuration, maintenance and training in the
entire telecommunications engineering spectrum. Some of the clients he
worked for include but not limited to ExxonMobil, Chevron, World-Bank,
Barclays-Bank, Abuja Sheraton hotel and towers, Hilton hotel Abuja amongst
many others.
Some of the design, installation and maintenance he carried out include: -
1. Satellite systems and network design installation, configuration and
2. Public switched telephone networks (PSTN) installation, configuration
and maintenance
Space for
Pa ssport Photograph
3. Private automatic branch exchange (PABX both IP-PABX, Digital-PABX ).
4. Contact Centre systems installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
5. Voice Routing and Processing Systems (Voicemail, Auto-responders,
6. RF & Microwave Link network design installation and maintenance.
7. Digital trunk network design, installation and maintenance
8. Telephone accounting and billing system software.
9. Telecommunication scripting language
Some telecommunications certificate trainings attended include
1. Motorola/Dizengoff (Nigeria) – Several Trainings on IP Networking
2. Nortel (South Africa) – Several Trainings including Certification
3. Telrad (Israel) Diploma training on Communications systems
4. National Instruments (United Kingdom) LabView Core I and II
5. Netas (Istanbul, Turkey) – Communications Systems
6. Nigeria various telecommunication, data communications trainings on
IP networking.
He had his PhD in Communications engineering from the prestigious Cardiff
University in the United Kingdom in 2015 and received his MSc in
Communications engineering and signal processing from the same University
(Cardiff University) in 2010 where his project won best project in MSc award.
He has an MBA degree in international business from the Lagos State

University in 2008. He also has HND in electrical and electronic engineering
from the Yaba College of Technology in 1990.
After his HND, he had worked in various telecommunications engineering
industry, occupying various positions for a practical period of 19 years before
going for his MSc.
Since his return to Nigeria in 2015, he has since founded 3 companies, (an
Hotel, a School and a food factory). Of all these companies, he designed the
system network and managed the installation and maintenance. He also
designed, bullit and maintain his official company website
He has several high-quality publications to his credit on
Currently he is having discussions with his fellow colleagues in the
department on how to develop practical hands-on projects that will benefit the
department and faculty. He is a member of the institution of engineering and
technology, England.

Research Area
  • PhD Communications Engineering