Dr. Joseph Bamidele Minari
Cell Biology and Genetics, Science.

Dr. Minari  is a Scientist with specialist skill focus on Cell and Molecular Biology and DNA forensics. He has undergraduate degree  in Biochemistry and graduated from University of llorin in 2002; Masters in 2007 in Biochemistry discipline from University of Ilorin and a Phd in Enzymology from the University of Ilorin in 2011. Over the years, Dr Minari experience, conducted research in molecular assessment on inhibition of mutated genes that could lead to uncontrolled cell proliferation. Dr Minari has mentored over 40 students and they have worked in this space. Most of have the membership to Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Nigeria Society for Experimental Biology and Society for Forensic and Analytical Scientist, Nigeria professional and academic groups 12 publications C won and managed 1 CRC  grant

  1. B.Sc
  2. M.Sc
  3. PhD