Dr. Folorunso Ogunwolu
Systems Engineering

Dr. Ogunwolu is a Transportation and Industrial Systems Modeller and Analyst with vast experience in research and professional practice. He has consulted in association with notable International and indigenous Consultancy firms in Nigeria in handling several transportation planning and modelling projects within and outside Lagos. Dr. Ogunwolu received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Engineering Analysis) and Ph.D. (Systems Engineering) from the University of Lagos in 1991, 1995 and 2005 respectively. He specializes in use of Operations research and Intelligent Analytical techniques in Optimization of Strategic Planning, Operations and Control of Transportation and Industrial Systems, Mathematical modelling and Simulation of Traffic/Transportation and Telecommunications systems as well as analysis and deployment of Intelligent Transport and Industrial Systems techniques to solve challenging physical problems.

 Dr. Ogunwolu is the lead researcher in the budding Modelling, Simulation and Engineering Management (MSEM) Research Group based in the Department of Systems Engineering and comprising of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research of Nigeria (INFORN), member of the Institute of Operations Research and Management Science (IORMS), member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE) and a COREN registered Engineer. He has over 25 journal and 15 Conference proceeding publications to his credit.    

Research Area
  • BSc; PGD (Civil Engineering);
  • M.Sc. (Engineering Analysis);
  • Ph.D. (Systems Engineering);