Dr. Aderonke O. OYEYIOLA
Chemistry, Science.

Dr. Oyeyiola is an analytical and environmental chemist, with keen interest in the development of novel or improved analytical methods and their application in environmentally related projects. Her research focuses primarily on the measurement of inorganics (potentially toxic elements (PTE) with more recent work focussing on organic pollutants (OCPs, PAHs, PBDEs, PCBs, and Phthalates) in the environment, especially the development of analytical approaches that provide information not only on total concentrations, but also on potential risk to human health and environmental resources. 


Dr. Oyeyiola graduated with a second class degree (upper division) and a distinction in Analytical Chemistry, both from the prestigious University of Ibadan Nigeria. She obtained her PhD in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry in 2008.  She won the best researcher award in the University of Lagos in 2005, and has been a beneficiary of grants from the University of Lagos and internationally.  Dr. Oyeyiola has served in various committees within the University and she has supervised numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Research Area