Dr. Flourish OLOBANIYI
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr. Olobaniyi is an Electrical Engineer with speciality in electrical power systems analysis and renewable energy integration. She has her degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - she  graduated from University of Benin in 1990; Masters in Electrical Engineering in 1996 from the University of Lagos and a PhD in 2015 from the University of West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom. Over the years, she has conducted research on methods of facilitating power flow analysis of power systems. Power flow analysis is the most frequently performed type of routine computer calculations for the study of electric power systems. It forms the core of day-to-day operation as well as short-term and long-term planning of power systems but it is also time-consuming and requires large computer space - this is the basis of the research. The outcome of the research is a new load flow analysis method called the Slack bus Voltage Updating Diakoptics (SVUD) for faster results.

Also, the Nigerian power grid is weak where system collapse is frequent. By analysis and simulation, measures have been put in place to strengthen the grid for better performance. As desirable as renewable energy is, its integration into the grid has adverse effects on existing grids especially weak grids. Research on renewable is therefore partly to ensure successful integration of renewable energy into the grid with focus on the Nigerian power grid.

She has mentored over ten students from 2015 to date.  

  • B Eng
  • MSc
  • PhD