Dr. Anthony Metumaraibe Nwohiri
Computer Sciences, Science.

Anthony Nwohiri holds a BSc (2008) and MSc (2010) degrees in Information Technology from St. Petersburg State University, Russia. He got his PhD degree (2014) in Computer Science from St. Petersburg State University and Petrozavodsk State University, Russia. He has published papers on webometrics analysis, site ranking, hyperlinking and webgraph in professional Scopus-indexed journals. He has lectured at St. Petersburg State University. He is currently a lecturer at the Department of Computer Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria. His main areas of research interests include webometrics, informetrics, bibliometrics, web graph, citation analysis, data mining and databases. He is currently affiliated with the Faculty of Applied Mathematics & Control Processes in St. Petersburg State University and with the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research at the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  1. BSc (Information Technology)
  2. MSc (Information Technology)
  3. PhD (Computer Science)