Dr.Olayinka O. Agunloye
Urban And Regional Planning

Dr.Olayinka O. Agunloye is an Urban Planning specialist with focus on Transportation Planning. He has his undergraduate degree  in Urban and Regional Planning  from the University of Lagos in 2007; Masters in Urban and Regional Planning  (Transportation Studies) from the University of Lagos and a Ph. D in Urban and Regional Planning (Transportation and Telecommunications’ Usage)from the University of Lagos in 2009 and 2013 respectively. Over the years, He has acquired professional and academic local and international experience. He has conducted researches in transportation and mobility studies. He has mentoredtwenty-four (24)post graduate students and over sixty (60) undergraduate students since employed. He worked in the academic and professional environments for more than a decade, including a progressive proposal with the World BankTraffic Impact Assessment Group. He is a member of Institute of Logistics and Transport, U. K.; Town Planners Registration Council of Nigeria, Nigeria Institute of Town Planners and Institute of Management. Dr O. O. Agunloye has 50 publications comprising 10 International Articles inreputable journals; 5 International Conference Proceedings and 35 local articles in journals with local conferences. Dr. Olayinka O. Agunloye also won two grants in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

  • Ph. D
  • M. Sc
  • B. Sc
  • H.N.D