Tunde Akinola FOLORUNSO

Tunde Akinola Folorunso is a professional Builder, researcher and faculty member in the university. His main area of focus is construction management, services and current PhD research revolves around natural ventilation with use of evaporative cooling technology and also the incorporation of de-humidifier. he is also working on the efficiency of cooling pad for passive colling system in the hot temperature region. He had researched and has publications in the area of clients’ needs and satisfactions, financial performance of building firms, risk allocations, Building information modellings adoptions and quantity surveyors attitudinal dispositions to construction team among others. Tunde A Folorunso obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Building university of Lagos in 2008 and Master of Science degree in Construction management from university of Lagos in 2011. He is currently pursuing M/Phil/PhD in the department of building in the area of Natural ventilation under building department, University of Lagos.  He had been level advisers till 2021 and mentored several building students also supervised tens of students’ project successfully. He has 8 publications local and international journals and 4 completed research waiting for publications. He is associate member of Nigeria institute of management, corporate member Nigeria institute of Building and a member of Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria. He attended several professional conferences and academic conferences with paper presentations.

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