Dr. Oluwaseyi KEHINDE

Sheyi KEHNNY whose native name is Oluwaseyi KEHINDE and middle name is Ezekiel was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is popularly and fondly called DSK which stands for the acronyms derived from ‘Dr, SheyiKehnny’. He is an indigene of Oyo State.

He is a Senior Lecturer in the Music Unit of the Department of Creative Arts,University of Lagos. His areas of specialization are Musicology, Jazz, Music Technology, Choral Music, Band, Studio and Live Performances.

Through expertise geared by dynamic instinct, SheyiKehnny has grown to be an icon in the field of music. Amidst the routine numerous academic and professional obstacles, by rugged determination cum tremendous efforts backed by God, he rose to the echelon of musical pedestals. He is also a contemporary music practitioner.

Dr. Sheyi Kehinde, became the first Ph.D holder that ever emerged from the Music Unit of the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos.

He teaches courses/subjects that are related to History of Music, African Theory of Music, Aesthetics, Modal/Tonal Counterpoint, Band, Music Technology, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Business and Commercial Music. He has also performed alongside renowned Nigerian and foreign artistes such as OnyekaOnwenu, Tom Inglis, Lionel Peterson, Orlando Julius, Daddy Showkey, Panam Percy Paul, Kenny Saint Ogungbe/Brown, KunleAjayi, Mike Aremu, etc. He is adjudged one of the best Bass Guitarists in Africa, possibly the only person that performs regularly with musical score at a very high level of Contemporary and Art music. He was awarded, one of the best researchers at the International Research and Fair that took place inthe University of Lagos on October, 2009 edition. Progressively, he received a Ph.D Research grant from the University of Lagos in 2010 to carry out part of his doctoral research in America.

As a senior academic staff of the University of Lagos, he has over 20 National and International publications to his credits in the areas of Musicology, Performance, Band, and Theories in Western and African Music.

He is being called upon to collaborate with American Consulate for music performance along with American guests who are musicians on a regular basis. One of them was the collaboration with 60-man American Navy Band that visited Nigeria in 2019.  

His proficiency in the practice of music is unquestionable, having engaged in regular practices with incredible talent and zest on stage. The quality of his performance is superb and inspiring. He is in no doubt an energetic musician with a strong hold of music who has a cluster of other singers who work with him to produce music that will add spices to your occasions. He has staged concerts to the delight of members of University community.

His interpretation of music theory in practical display is indisputable. His exceptional approach to music performances has influenced and inspired musicians all over the world, making him a force to reckon with in the musical World, and a sought for commodity.

He has presented academic papers in some international and local conferences in America and Nigeria respectively. Dr. Sheyi Kehnny has published broadly in local and international peer reviewed journals. Likewise, he has led and assisted several choral groups to stardom. These are some of his numerous achievements that have made him a landmark in academia and entertainment industry.

Research Area
  • Ph.D, University of Lagos


Area of Specialization: Musicology, Jazz, Music Technology, Choral Music, Band, Studio and Live Performances.



Music Unit, Department of Creative Arts
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